Position Available: Andrew W. Mellon Professor of Classical Studies


Deadline: March 1

The American School of Classical Studies at Athens seeks an established scholar with extensive experience in Greece for the position of the Andrew W. Mellon Professor of Classical Studies. The Mellon Professor organizes and conducts the academic program of the School in collaboration with the Director and the Assistant Director and must be able to provide a graduate-level introduction to the sites, monuments, museums and topography of Greece as well as advise students of the School in their research. In addition, as one of the officers of the School, the Mellon Professor participates in the operations of the School.

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NLTRW 2016

National Latin Teacher Recruitment Week is fast approaching.   We need more teachers ready to take up the charge, as we know from the article which Ronnie Ancona and Kathleen Durkin wrote for Amphorahttps://classicalstudies.org/amphora/there-shortage-certified-latin-teachers-please-spread-word-0.  NLTRW traditionally is the first week in March, but you can take any day or week to talk to your students about becoming a Latin teacher.  There are many resources to be found here, http://www.promotelatin.org/nltrw, including a mini-grant application.  Grants of up to $200 can be requested every other year by a program and can be put toward receptions, speakers, giveaways, and more.  It would be especially wonderful to see more K-12 teachers taking advantage of the funding opportunities available.

Greco-Roman Catalunya

On behalf of the Vergilian Society CAAS’s own Dr. Raymond Capra will be a leading a tour of Greco-Roman Catalunya this summer, June 29th to July 9th 2016.

This trip will visit Catalunya, Spain to explore the development and interaction of three distinct cultures, Iberians, Greeks and Romans. Iberia became part of the greater Mediterranean world with the arrival of the first Phoenician traders who come to south in the late ninth/ early eighth century BCE. The first Greek traders were there by the middle of the eighth century. In the early sixth Greeks founded a small city on the northeastern shore of the peninsula, always called by the name which connotes it mercantile origin, Emporion. In the late third century BCE this city becomes the entry point for the Roman conquest of the Peninsula at the onset of the second Punic War.


Inter Versiculos Latin Poetry Workshop

The University of Michigan and The American University of  Rome are pleased to announce Inter Versiculos, a week-long workshop in Latin verse composition to be held in  Trapani, Sicily July 9 – 16, 2016. The workshop will be led by Dr. David  Money, of Cambridge University. For details: http://www.umich.edu/~rclatin/IV2Website/index.html

For this workshop, we seek to assemble an international  group of Latinists including undergraduate and graduate students, teachers of  Latin at the secondary, collegiate and graduate level, as well as interested  amateurs. As the website states: “Open to anyone Latin poetry curious.”

For additional information, please contact:

Gina Soter, PhD

Head of Latin Program at the Residential College and Lecturer IV in the Department of Classical Studies

The University of Michigan

Ann Arbor, MI