ACTFL survey on language enrollments

The American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) has asked us to encourage all of our members who are teaching at the primary or secondary levels to complete a survey it is conducting on enrollment in foreign language classes.  This survey complements the one recently conducted by the Modern Language Association concerning enrollments at the college and university level.  In addition, SCS will soon be publishing results of its census of classics departments conducted this Fall.

Respondents can complete the ACTFL survey online or upload a document containing information on foreign language programs in their school or district. The questionnaire may be completed by anyone in the individual school or school district who is familiar with the language course offerings and enrollment figures. The data should be for the 2014-15 school year.  The survey is available at

Integrating Judaism and Christianity into the Study of the Ancient World

Ranieri Colloquium on Ancient Studies at NYU’s Center for Ancient Studies is organizing a conference  for Thursday and Friday, March 26-27, 2015.  The conference is entitled, “Integrating Judaism and Christianity into the Study of the Ancient World.”  The event is presented by Center for Ancient Studies in conjunction with the Skirball Department of Hebrew and Judaic Studies, the Global Network for Advanced Research in Jewish Studies, the Religious Studies Program, the Department of Classics, the Department of History, the Dean of the College of Arts and Science, and the Dean for the Humanities. It is free and open to the public.