Grants for High School Students

Grants for High School Students

The Classical Association of the Atlantic States (CAAS) announces the availability of grants to high school students who wish to participate in a program that enriches their educational experience and deepens their connection to Classics.

Possible Uses:

-tuition for Classics-related courses or projects

-summer Classics-related programs (e.g., an archaeological dig)

-class attendance at the National Junior Classical League convention

-bringing a Classics program to a school (e.g., Ascanius, Roman military re-enactment)


Open to all high school students enrolled in grades 9-12 residing or attending school full-time within the CAAS region. The project must be concluded before grantees begin their post-secondary education.

Amount: CAAS hopes to support as many impressive applications as possible, with a maximum award of $2,500 for an individual program or project. The total amount of all awards will not exceed $5,000 annually. A one-year membership to CAAS will be awarded to the winners’ recommending teachers for the next membership year.

Submission Requirements:

1. Personal Essay (one-page, double-spaced, typed) indicating the nature of the program or activity in which the student wishes to participate and how this will enhance the student’s experience with Classics. Each essay must include the student’s full name, email address, school and recommending teacher’s contact information at the top left of the first page.

2. Accommodation Declaration: Students applying for programs without housing must include an accommodation plan. Notarized documentation of adult supervision will be required of all awardees to programs that do not include housing.

3. Itemized list of estimated expenses

4. Transcript or most recent grade report showing overall minimum of 85%/B/3.0 GPA

5. Letter of Recommendation from a current or former Latin, Greek or Humanities teacher. This teacher need not be a current member of CAAS.

Method of Submission:

Submissions should be emailed together with the following subject line: CAAS app lastname.firstname (e.g. CAAS app doe.john)

These admission materials must be submitted by June 1st to the CAAS High School Students Grants Committee Chair:  Jennifer Jones (

All applicants will receive email notification of receipt of their applications and will be notified of the Committee’s decision.

After the Program:

Students awarded scholarships must follow-up with a (one page, double-spaced, typed) statement describing the award experience within one month of the program’s completion.

Receipts verifying how the monies of the award were used must also be submitted.