Summer Course in Latin at Hunter College

Are you an upper-level classics undergraduate or a graduate student / Latin teacher looking for a Latin summer class?

Hunter College in New York City (easy to reach by public transportation) is offering a class. This schedule is tentative and subject to change. For the most current information, visit Hunter’s Searchable Schedule of Classes available here or contact the Classics Program at 212‐772‐4960, office administrator, Millie Arias,, or Professor Lawrence Kowerski, Classics Division Head at .

Hunter College Summer Session 2 (Six Weeks): July 13-August 13

Advanced Readings in Latin Literature/Topics in Latin Literature: Roman Slavery (combined MA / Undergraduate course)

A study of the topic of slavery through various texts to be read in Latin.

M, T, W, TH 6:00-7:53pm         Timothy Hanford, PhD

LAT 316 (undergraduate use this course number)

LAT 710 (grad student use this course number)

Slate of Candidates for CAAS Elective Offices and Regional Directorships

The following slate of candidates for elective offices and regional directorships was approved by the Board at its April meeting and will be presented for election in the Business Session on Saturday, October 10, 2015:

President 2015-2016 – Thomas McCreight

First Vice President 2015-2016 – Thomas Falkner

Second Vice President 2015-2016 – Victoria Pedrick

Officer-at-Large 2015-2016 – Ronnie Ancona

Second two-year terms 2015-2017

Regional Director (DC) – Norman Sandridge

Regional Director (MD) – Deborah Carter

Regional Director (NY-E) – Denise Flood-Doyle

First two-year term 2015-2017

Regional Director (NY-C&W) – James Capreedy

An additional candidate or candidates may be nominated through a petition signed by at least fifteen CAAS members who are eligible to vote (i.e., who reside and/or work in the CAAS region). The procedure for nomination-by-petition is described in the online Regulations, Section 2 B: Members may nominate an additional candidate or candidates through a petition signed by at least fifteen CAAS members eligible to vote. The petition must be received by the Executive Director no later than July 1, and nominees must be CAAS members who reside and/or work in the CAAS region. Nominees with a valid petition will be added to the slate of candidates mailed to members along with materials for the annual meeting and presented for election in the Business Session.

Janet M. Martin, Chair, Nominations Committee

Classicizing Philadelphia Mobile Tour Now Available

Classicizing Philadelphia announces the release of a mobile tour of classically themed sites in Philadelphia.  The tour can be accessed on mobile devices (smartphones and iPads or similar tablet computers) by directing an Internet browser to

The mobile tour guides users around a group of important buildings within a few blocks of Independence Hall that reveal ways in which architects from the 1790s until the Civil War used elements of classical Greek and Roman architecture to house the institutions of a growing nation.  Classicizing Philadelphia plans to develop a series of mobile tours and customizable tour stops documenting Philadelphia’s long engagement with Greece and Rome.

Classicizing Philadelphia is a digital humanities and public history project based at Bryn Mawr College and supported by the Classical Association of the Atlantic States.  It seeks to document, study, and continue Philadelphia’s long conversation with ancient Greece and Rome.  Technical development is provided by Interactive Mechanics.  Content for the prototype mobile tour was created by Classicizing Philadelphia project director Lee Pearcy and Bryn Mawr graduate student Megan Dickman.

Further information: or e-mail

Society for Classical Studies Awards for Teaching and Outreach

The Society for Classical Studies (SCS) wants teachers of classics to be aware of the following awards that recognize outstanding teaching and scholarly outreach. Click on the relevant URL below to see a full description of each program and detailed instructions for submitting nominations.  The teaching awards are supported by income from gifts from Daniel and Joanna Rose to the Society’s Gateway Endowment for Classics Research and Teaching.

SCS Awards for Excellence in Teaching at the College Level


These awards give special and public expression to the commitment of the SCS to honor and foster excellence in the teaching of the Classics.  Winners of these awards must be members of the SCS and have a minimum of three years of teaching experience prior to nomination. By action of the SCS Board of Directors, only individuals may be considered for these awards. Nomination materials must be received by Monday, June 1, 2015.

SCS Awards for Excellence in Teaching at the Precollegiate Level

The Joint Committee (with ACL) on the Classics in American Education invites nominations for these awards.  Teachers, full- or part-time, of grades K-12 in schools in the United States and Canada who at the time of the application teach at least one class of Latin, Greek, or classics at the K-12 level are eligible. Membership in the SCS is not required.  September 9, 2015, is the deadline for the receipt of nominations.

The SCS Outreach Prize

This prize recognizes outstanding projects or events by an SCS member or members that make an aspect of classical antiquity available and attractive to an audience other than classics scholars or students in their courses.  All nomination materials must be received by July 24, 2015, in the SCS Office.