Each year at its annual meeting the Association presents ovationes to members who have been selected by the Awards Committee for their significant service to the discipline and the organization. The ovatio is read in Latin by a colleague close to the honoree at the banquet, while copies of the ovatio in Latin and English are distributed to attendees.

The ovatio recognizes long and distinguished service to CAAS and/or to the classics community by those in the CAAS region, especially by those retiring or concluding a long term of service.

2021 Recipients of CAAS Ovationes:

Ovatio – Lillian Doherty (PDF) [University of Maryland, College Park – read by Katherine Wasdin]

Ovatio – Ann Kiernan, Esq. (PDF) [Read by Henry Bender]

2020 Recipients of CAAS Ovationes:

Nancy Sorkin Rabinowitz – Read by Barbara Gold


Maria Marsilio – Read by Kostantinos P. Nikoloutsos

2017-2018 Awards Committee:  Sarah Ferrario,, chair (2015-2017); Shelley Haley (2017-2019); Henry Bender (2017-2019); Judy Hallett, Program Coordinator, liaison

2017 Recipients of CAAS Ovationes:                                 Gratulatio:

2016 Recipients of CAAS Ovationes:                                Gratulatio:
Shelley P. Haley, Edward S. Sacks;                                       Sarah Pomeroy

2015 Recipients of CAAS Ovationes:                                  Gratulatio:


Frederick Booth, Linda Fabrizio, William Klingshirn;                    Erich Gruen

2014 Recipients of CAAS Ovationes:


Jennifer Roberts, Carl Rubino, Dan Tompkins

2013 Recipients of CAAS Ovationes:

Martha Davis, Andrew Miller, Paul Properzio

2012 Recipients of CAAS Ovationes:

William J. Mayer, Barbara Pavlock, David Sider

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