Presidents of The Classical Association of the Atlantic States

This document (link to list page and to attachment) was produced to provide a single and accessible list of CAAS presidents as part of the organization’s history and commitment to transparency. Information for 1906 through 2007-2008 comes from “Presidents of CAAS,” CW 75.1 (1981) 38-40 and Heverly, W. Gerald, “The Last Twenty-Five Years of CAAS,” CW 101.1 (2007) 7-20. Ronnie Ancona, CAAS Past President, added the data for 2008-2024 and created the single list. Updates will be made by CAAS.  

1906-1907: Archibald L. Hodges, Wadleigh High School, New York, NY

1907-1908: Kirby F. Smith, Johns Hopkins University

1908-1909: Franklin A. Dakin, Haverford School, Haverford, PA

1909-1910: Edwards Capps (resigned), Princeton University

                    Mitchell Carroll, George Washington University

1910-1911: J. B. Hench, Shadyside Academy, Pittsburgh, PA

1911-1912: John C. Rolfe, University of Pennsylvania

1912-1913: B. W. Mitchell, Central High School, Philadelphia, PA

1913-1914: Wilfred P. Mustard, Johns Hopkins University

1914-1915: William F. Little, Battin High School, Elizabeth, NJ

1915-1916: Walter Dennison, Swarthmore College

1916-1917: Charles E. Bennett, Cornell University

1917-1918: Jesse E. Allen, Girls’ High School, Philadelphia, PA

1918-1919: Robert B. English, Washington and Jefferson College

1919-1920: Richard M. Gummere, William Penn Charter School, Philadelphia, PA

1920-1921: David M. Robinson, Johns Hopkins University

1921-1922: Helen H. Tanzer, Hunter College

1922-1923: Bessie R. Burchett, South Philadelphia High School for Girls, Philadelphia, PA

1923-1924: Arthur L. Wheeler, Bryn Mawr College

1924-1925: Evan T. Sage, University of Pittsburgh

1925-1926: Ellis A. Schnabel, Northeast High School, Philadelphia, PA

1926-1927: C. W. E. Miller, Johns Hopkins University

1927-1928: Mary B. Rockwood, Western High School, Baltimore, MD

1928-1929: Ernst Riess, Hunter College

1929-1930: Mary L. Breene, Peabody High School, Pittsburgh, PA

1930-1931: Charles S. Smith, George Washington University

1931-1932: Joseph P. Behm (resigned end of October), Central High School, Syracuse, NY

                   William S. Eldridge, Central High School, Philadelphia, PA

1932-1933: Evan T. Sage, University of Pittsburgh

1933-1934: Elsie I. Barrows, Central High School, Syracuse, NY

1934-1935: Earl L. Crum, Lehigh University

1935-1936: Helen S. MacDonald, The Shippen School, Lancaster, PA (and Abington Friends

       School, Jenkintown, PA)

1936-1937: Charles Knapp (died September 17, 1936), Barnard College

                    Shirley H. Weber, Princeton University

1937-1938: Mildred Dean, Roosevelt High School, Washington, DC

1938-1939: George D. Hadzsits, University of Pennsylvania

1939-1940: Robert H. Chastney, Townsend Harris High School, New York, NY

1940-1941: Sister Maria Walburg, College of Chestnut Hill

1941-1942: Moses Hadas, Columbia University

1942-1943: Edna White, Dickinson High School, Jersey City, NJ

1943-1945: John F. Gummere, William Penn Charter School, Philadelphia, PA

1945-1947: Donald B. Durham, Hamilton College

1947-1949: Lillian B. Lawler, Hunter College

1949-1951: Franklin B. Krauss, The Pennsylvania State University

1951-1953: Emilie M. White, Public Schools, Washington, DC

1953-1955: Earl L. Crum, Lehigh University

1955-1957: John F. Latimer, George Washington University

1957-1958: Frank C. Bourne, Princeton University

1958-1960: E. W. Miller, University of Pittsburgh

1960-1962: E. Adelaide Hahn, Hunter College

1962-1964: William R. Ridington, Western Maryland College

1964-1965: Joseph A. Maurer, Lehigh University

1965-1966: Phyllis Winquist, Westfield High School, Westfield, NJ

1966-1967: John C. Williams, Goucher College

1967-1968: Ethel Lux, Somerville High School, Somerville, NJ

1968-1969: Annette H. Eaton, Howard University

1969-1970: Rev. Hilary Hayden, St. Anselm’s Abbey School, Washington, DC

1970-1971: James W. Poultney, Johns Hopkins University

1971-1972: Rudolph Masciantonio, School District of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA

1972-1973: Helen Loane, Albright College

1973-1974: Sr. M. Amata, SSJ, Archbishop Ryan High School, Philadelphia, PA

1974-1975: George Constantou, Cleveland Hill School, Cheektowaga, NY

1975-1976: E. Mildred Kelly, Wilmington, DE

1976-1977: Robert W. Carrubba, The Pennsylvania State University

1977-1978: David H. Kelly, Montclair State College

1978-1979: Jerry Clack, Duquesne University

1979-1980: Walter Donlan, The Pennsylvania State University

1980-1981: Rhoda M. Schall, Concord High School, Wilmington, DE

1981-1982: Fred C. Mench, Stockton State College

1982-1983: Rev. Robert Antczak, Seton Hall University

1983-1984: Edna S. de Angeli, Lehigh University

1984-1985: Paul Properzio, Drew University

1985-1986: Elizabeth Constantinides, Queens College, CUNY

1986-1987: John C. Traupman, St. Joseph’s University

1987-1988: Carrie E. Cowherd, Howard University

1988-1989: Timothy Renner, Montclair State University

1989-1990: Robert J. Rowland Jr., University of Maryland, College Park

1990-1991: T. James Luce, Princeton University

1991-1992: Elizabeth A. Keat, Chatham High School, Chatham, NJ

1992-1993: David Sider, Fordham University

1993-1994: John E. Ziolkowski, George Washington University

1994-1995: Nancy A. McKee, Lawrenceville High School, Lawrenceville, NJ

1995-1996: Lawrence E. Gaichas, Duquesne University

1996-1997: Lee. T. Pearcy, The Episcopal Academy, Merion, PA

1997-1998: William J. Mayer, Hunter College

1998-1999: Dorothy K. Lange, Rutgers Preparatory School, Somerset, NJ

1999-2000: Judith P. Hallett, University of Maryland, College Park

2000-2001: Henry V. Bender, The Hill School, Pottstown, PA

2001-2002: William E. Klingshirn, Catholic University of America

2002-2003: Barbara K. Gold, Hamilton College

2003-2004: Edward S. Sacks, The Agnes Irwin School, Rosemont, PA

2004-2005 (Jan.): Nicholas Gross, University of Delaware

2005 (Jan.) – 2005 (Oct.): Barbara F. McManus, The College of New Rochelle

2005-2006: Thomas K. Hayes, Ward Melville High School, East Setauket, NY

2006-2007: Carl A. Rubino, Hamilton College

2007-2008: Ann R. Raia, The College of New Rochelle

2008-2009: David J. Murphy, New York, NY

2009-2010: Phyllis Culham, U.S. Naval Academy

2010-2011: Sarolta A. Takacs, The Sage Colleges

2011-2012: Shelley P. Haley, Hamilton College

2012-2013: Fred Booth, Seton Hall University

2013-2014: Janet M. Martin, Princeton University

2014-2015: Ronnie Ancona, Hunter College, CUNY

2015-2016: Thomas McCreight (resigned March), Loyola University

                    Lee T. Pearcy (Interim President), Bryn Mawr College

2016-2017: Karin Suzadail, Owen J. Roberts High School, Pottstown, PA

2017-2019: John H. Starks Jr. Binghamton University, State University of New York 

2019-2020: Ralph M. Rosen, University of Pennsylvania

2020-2021: Gareth Williams, Columbia University

2021-2022: Denise Flood-Doyle, The Bronxville School, Bronxville, NY

2023: Mathias Hanses, The Pennsylvania State University

2024: Dan-el Padilla Peralta, Princeton University