E. Adelaide Hahn (1893-1967). PhD, Columbia (1929); classicist, philologist, linguist; impressive scholar of Vergil and Latin linguistics; respected professor of classics and administrator at Hunter in Manhattan (1921-1963), the CUNY college for women. The first woman president (1946) of the Linguistic Society of America which she helped found (1924), Professor Hahn became president of CAAS (1960) near the end of a remarkable career of teaching, writing, and service to scholarship. For more information, see this biographical sketch, and this wonderful personal tribute.

In honor of E. Adelaide Hahn, two awards of up to $7000 will be made toward the cost of study at the summer session of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens (ASCSA) or the American Academy in Rome (AAR). Applicants must be current CAAS members at the time of application. Preference will be given to members with longevity, pre-college teachers, graduate students, and those who have not previously received this award, with priority given to those who live and work in the CAAS region.

Scholarship winners are expected to report on their summer study experience at the CAAS annual meeting in October. For additional information please see the CAAS website ( or contact Mathias Hanses, CAAS Officer-at-Large, at the following email address:

Required application materials:

  • A cover letter that includes a commitment to report on your experience at the October 2023 annual meeting of CAAS plus a list of other sources from which you are seeking funding
  • Proof of current CAAS membership (e.g. copy of confirmation email)
  • A copy of your completed ASCSA or AAR application
  •  Copies of your ASCSA or AAR recommendation letters (each letter writer should forward a copy directly to the Chair; he or she does not have to include an additional letter specifically for the Hahn Committee)

Please submit all materials via email (include “Hahn Scholarship Application” in the subject line) by March 15, 2024 to Mathias Hanses <>.

Applicants will be notified of the Committee’s decision on or around March 31, 2024.

Recent Hahn Scholarship Winners:

·       2022: Jonathan Clark, graduate student at the University of Washington (ASCSA) 

·       2022: Katherine Dennis, graduate student at Princeton University (AAR)

·       2022: Isabel Biascoecheaa, graduate student at Columbia University (ASCSA)

·       2022: Jermaine Bryant, graduate student at Princeton University (AAR)

·       2021: none awarded

·       2020: none awarded

·       2019: Alessandra Migliara, graduate student at The Graduate Center, CUNY (ASCSA)

·       2019: Mary Somerville, graduate student at Bryn Mawr College (AAR)

·       2019: Ashton Fancy, graduate student at the University of Texas (AAR)

·       2018: Rebecca McGinn, graduate student Rutgers University (AAR)

·       2018: Kiran Mansukhani, graduate student Brown University (ASCSA)

·       2017: Allannah Karas, doctoral candidate in Classics at The Graduate Center, CUNY (AAR)

·       2017: Rian Sirkus, Latin instructor at Our Lady of Good Counsel High School, Maryland and University of Maryland, College Park (ASCSA)

·       2016: Nicholas Cross, Baruch College, CUNY (AAR)

·       2016: Stephen Ogumah, The Graduate Center, CUNY (ASCSA)

·       2015: Irene Morrison-Moncure, The Graduate Center, CUNY (AAR)

·       2015: Natalie M. Susmann, Boston University (ASCSA)

·       2014: Emily C. Mohr, University of Maryland, College Park (ASCSA)