Classicizing Philadelphia Mobile Tour Now Available

Classicizing Philadelphia announces the release of a mobile tour of classically themed sites in Philadelphia.  The tour can be accessed on mobile devices (smartphones and iPads or similar tablet computers) by directing an Internet browser to

The mobile tour guides users around a group of important buildings within a few blocks of Independence Hall that reveal ways in which architects from the 1790s until the Civil War used elements of classical Greek and Roman architecture to house the institutions of a growing nation.  Classicizing Philadelphia plans to develop a series of mobile tours and customizable tour stops documenting Philadelphia’s long engagement with Greece and Rome.

Classicizing Philadelphia is a digital humanities and public history project based at Bryn Mawr College and supported by the Classical Association of the Atlantic States.  It seeks to document, study, and continue Philadelphia’s long conversation with ancient Greece and Rome.  Technical development is provided by Interactive Mechanics.  Content for the prototype mobile tour was created by Classicizing Philadelphia project director Lee Pearcy and Bryn Mawr graduate student Megan Dickman.

Further information: or e-mail