Posted Opening: Treasurer, Classical Association of the Atlantic States, 2018-2021

The Classical Association of the Atlantic States is seeking applications for the position of Treasurer. The Treasurer will serve a three-year term, beginning immediately after the 2018 CAAS Board Meeting on Saturday, April 21 and running through the end of the Fall 2021 Annual Meeting. The position carries a stipend, and may be renewed for more than one term.

The general responsibilities of the Treasurer according to the CAAS Bylaws:

The Treasurer shall carry out all banking functions for the Corporation; shall maintain the Corporation’s financial records and produce periodic financial reports for the Board; shall prepare and submit reports and forms as required by state and federal law; shall cause full and accurate accounts of receipts and disbursements to be kept in books belonging to the Corporation; shall cause such books of accounts and records to be exhibited to any of the directors at any time upon request and shall render a detailed statement to the directors as often as they shall require it; shall perform such other duties as the Board may prescribe.

A more detailed description of the responsibilities are listed in the CAAS Regulations and Operating procedures. The applicable functions are:

The Treasurer, a Board-appointed officer serving a three-year renewable term, shall:

  • pay bills and deposit funds (registration fees, dues, donations, etc.) in the Association’s name
  • keep full and accurate accounts of receipts and disbursements in books belonging to the Association and shall exhibit these books of accounts and records upon the request of any member of the Board
  • keep full and accurate accounts of all restricted endowment funds or gifts as portions of CAAS’s endowment, as mandated by the Investment Policy.
  • produce written financial reports of CAAS’s general accounts and, individually, of each restricted fund for the spring and fall meetings of the Board and for the Board’s Annual Report to the members
  • send acknowledgement letters to donors as required by federal and state tax authorities
  • send the tax accountant the year’s deposit slips, canceled checks, investment reports, and bank statements in a timely fashion
  • support the Investment Liaison in carrying out the Association’s investment policy and the management of its endowment
  • maintain the Association’s sales-tax exempt status, purchase large items for CAAS in tax-free states if the office is in a taxed locale, and maintain credit cards for officers
  • give to the directors a list of all entities with which CAAS has financial dealings to aid them in filling out their annual disclosure statements
  • serve on the Executive Committee and Finance Committee

Please send applications to Nominations Committee Chair Karin Suzadail by March 2, 2018. Applications should include a letter of interest, the names and contact information of three references, and a current curriculum vitae.

Nota Bene: Applicants must work or reside in the CAAS Region, i.e. New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and District of Columbia.