Excellence in Precollegiate Teaching

The Society for Classical Studies has extended the deadline for nominations for its Precollegiate Teaching Award to Wednesday, November 4, 2015.

The Joint Committee on the Classics in American Education invites nominations for the 2015 SCS Awards for Excellence in Teaching at the Precollegiate Level. Thanks to a very generous gift to the Society’s Gatekeeper to Gateway Campaign for the Future of Classics from Daniel and Joanna Rose, the amounts to be awarded have been increased substantially.  Up to two winners will receive a certificate of award and a cash prize of $500.  In addition, each winner’s institution will receive $200 to purchase educational resources selected by the winner.  The winners will be honored at both the SCS Annual Meeting in San Francisco, CA in January 2016 and the ACL Institute in June 2016, and they may select the meeting at which they wish to receive the award.

More information and instructions can be found here