The Philadelphia Classical Society’s Norma Goldman Classical World Fashion and Design Show at Bryn Mawr College on December 19th

On December 19, Latin students from the Philadelphia Main Line and Metropolitan Philadelphia are invited to participate in the annual Classical World Fashion and Design Show to be held at Bryn Mawr College in the Thomas Great Hall.

Under the protective gaze of the Pheidias-based 1906 statue of Athena Lemnia, for this special occasion, students will “costume” themselves or present jewelry or armor loosely based on an ancient artifact, relief, coin, or frieze in order to blend material culture with philology.

The fashion and design show, sponsored by the Philadelphia Classical Society, is dedicated in memoriam to Professor Norma Goldman of Wayne State University who championed the production of various ancient costumes as a way to understand an important aspect of ancient Roman life.

All proceeds from the fashion and design show will benefit a scholarship award for a 2015 graduate of Boys Latin in Philadelphia in honor of Dr. Rudolph Masciantonio who was in the vanguard of introducing Classical Latin to non-traditional students in the Philadelphia School District in the 1970’s.

Bryn Mawr’s Thomas Great Hall will be festooned for the Saturnalia and the December 19th Opalia as backdrop to the convivium and processional of students in costume, transported to the ancient festival atmosphere.

For information, or to register, contact PCS President Mary Brown,