Announcement: CANE Summer Institute

C.A.N.E. Summer Institute 2013
July 15-20, 2013
Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island

America’s Founding Fathers and the Classics of Greece and Rome

The organizers of the 2013 C.A.N.E. Summer Institute invite you to join us this summer as we celebrate the role of the Greek and Roman Classics – literature, history, art, and architecture – in the formation of our own national traditions. Whether you are a middle school, high school or college teacher of Latin and/or Greek, English, History, or other related disciplines, an undergraduate or graduate student, or a devoted lifelong learner, you will enjoy an enriching educational experience that includes a wide variety of mini-courses, lectures, workshops, and special events while also offering ample opportunity for collegial interaction between participants. Special attention will be focused on the literature (both prose and poetry), art, architecture, and other aspects of Greco-Roman antiquity that strongly influenced America’s Founding Fathers, as well as on the Classical authors and works most commonly read in our nation’s schools and colleges in the formative years of the 18th century, many of which are still taught regularly today.

A direct link to the CSI section on the CANE website is included here:

From that page you can also reach the registration brochure, and more detailed information on course readings, etc. will be added there in the coming weeks.
Feel free to e-mail CSI 2013 Director Jeri DeBrohun directly ( with questions or for more information.