In Memoriam Norma Goldman: Classical World Fashion & Design Show

On Friday, October 19th, the Philadelphia Classical Society, in partnership with
Bryn Mawr College, will host the inaugural Classical World Fashion & Design Show
dedicated to the memory of Norma Goldman.

Professor Goldman was best known by students for her wonderful text, Latin Via
Ovid, in which she brought to life the intriguing stories of Ovid’s Metamorphoses.
To participate in the show, students are encouraged to design and assemble
costumes, or individual pieces, based loosely on an ancient Greek or Roman

At the show, students will offer a brief description of the artifact and model or
display the costume, as a way of connecting the material culture of antiquity to
the languages studied.

It costs only $5 to participate or attend. The money raised will contribute to a
scholarship to honor Dr. Rudolph Masciantonio, who introduced Latin as a FLES
program in the Philadelphia School District in the early 70’s.

The scholarship recipient will be a 2013 graduate in good standing from Boys Latin
Charter School in Philadelphia, who will major or minor in the Classics. This event
will be held on the eve of the 2nd National Archaeology Day.

Doors open in Thomas Great Hall at 7 pm, followed by light refreshments
sponsored by Valerie and Randy Spritzger of Radnor and Whole Foods of
Wynnewood. To register, or to contribute toward the scholarship, contact
Magistra Mary Brown [], or visit the Philadelphia Classical
Society website for more information.