21st Century Technology in the Latin Classroom

July 21-25, 2012 at the Taft Educational Center, the Taft School, Watertown, Connecticut.


Integrating technology in the Latin classroom is a powerful way to increase student achievement and augment engagement.  This weeklong workshop will address the many ways that current technology can enhance and enliven the Latin classroom.  Participants will have the opportunity to explore a variety of technologies that are valuable additions to both the elementary and advanced Latin curriculum. The workshop will address methods and tools for building vocabulary, teaching language skills, and integrating history and culture.  The focus will be on using free or inexpensive web-based tools that work on various computing platforms to create media-rich lessons.  Participants will come away understanding both the important role that technology can play in the classroom and how to integrate it effectively.  In addition to having multiple lesson plans to take back home, they will come away with a clear understanding of how to construct a technology-rich curriculum for their Latin classes.  Participants should be comfortable with basic computing skills and must bring their own laptop for use throughout the week.

Instructor: Lynne West, Bellarmine College Preparatory, San Jose, CA